TRACE: Community Way Finding Application

Trace is a community way-finding application drawing from community data patterns. It creates a profile based on data from your personal attributes and past routes from park visitors similar to you. Through this process, Trace is able to provide users with a personalized park experience for individuals and groups.  

Design Challenge
Enhance users connection to Discovery Park

Research, concept, problem articulation, and ui design

Ian Fike and Haley Knox

Autumn 2013


Defining the Problem
During multiple visits to Discovery Park, we found that it was difficult to find routes and activities as well as ways to suggest them to friends. In our team's first stages of ideation, we came to focus on two specific issues: population density and social mapping. This led us to our mission: to create a personalized way-finding experience for individuals and groups. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 7.51.58 PM.png

We included two strategic tools in our research: the Internet of Things and Location Tracking. The Internet of Things is a technology that represents uniquely identifiable objects and their virtual representation in an internet-like structure. Location Tracking is the history of routes and locations experienced by other people similar to the individual whose profile is being created. These tools helped us create a data set which is used to calculate the TRACE PROFILE. 

Concept Mapping


Story Development



Visual Design 
The visual language of our app evolved from group collaborations with mood boards as well as inspiration from the natural beauty of Discovery Park. The app contains a simple and clean layout which is accented by the bold color use.