PREP: Coffee Collaboration Application 

A mobile app partnered with a coffee dispenser that makes ordering and serving coffee more enjoyable and interactive for group meetings. The app provides individuals with a way in which they can prepare for group meetings by setting times, putting together coffee orders, and reserving the coffee dispensers to profit the meeting. The coffee dispenser allows for the groups to collaborate on how they wish to choose and pay for their beverages.  

Design Challenge
Create an efficient and engaging way for groups to order and enjoy their coffee

Research, concept development, UI, logo design, and filming 

Haley Knox, Cadence Hendrickson, and Parker Roland

Winter 2014


Problem Articulation
During multiple trips to local coffee shops, we found that they were a popular location to hold group meetings. We discovered that the pain points in this process.

Pain Points:
- collecting group orders
- collaborating on payments
- wasting time and space prior to meetings. 

We expanded on these insights through reaching out to managers and barista’s at the coffee shops, who confirmed
these pain points in the group meeting process. From our own past experiences with group meetings to our observations of others, we found many places for design intervention which inspired us to create Prep. 


Concept Mapping

coffee shop .jpg


Redesign after video was taken