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An adaptable car interior for a family sharing one car

One Car, One Family is an information system that is designed for a family in an urban environment sharing one car. This system contains three key features including a Mobile Brain, Adaptive Experience and Context Aware. The Mobile Device serves as the Brain of the vehicle and acts as the computing and control center of the car. The car is Adaptive, meaning each occupant has a unique setup based on their usage and mobile content, and it is Contextually Aware of the environment in order to promote safety. There are a series of gestures that can be done while driving, to adjust ones preferences.

Design Challenge 
Redesign the current car interior for the car of the future 

Scott Ichilkawa, Irene Ma, Alex Chang and Carolyn Wong

 problem articulation, interface design and Animations

Autumn 2013


Our concept concentrated on the current cars lack of adaptability and user-customization for families with multiple drivers and busy schedules. We focused our research on families living in urban areas as well as their experiences with their cars. Our team visited car dealerships, interviewed families and explored online resources. This helped us reach a deeper understanding of our audience and goals. 


Through our research, we identified three primary attributes that would most improve the experience of our audience: efficient, customizable and integrated. First, families want to have immediate access to their car's alerts and information. Second, they like to have car features that adapt to each person's preferences. Lastly, our audience wants a car that can be integrated into their busy schedules and can help them to communicate with their family members. 



Car Interior Layout 

car overview2_1_1_Car Inferface Layout.png

Gesture Control


Mobile Experience
Not only is your mobile device the brain of your car, it gives you the capability of accessing notifications and alerts from your car through your phone.