Crafting mobile design guidelines through collaboration

A primary responsibility of my position is to lead the mobile experience and define Amazon mobile guidelines. In order to contribute to this initiative, I have written over eight articles for our human interface guidelines, led a mobile patterns working group, and hosted a mobile-focused hackathon. 


Amazon's human interface guidelines provide structure to our design language and interaction patterns. A few articles include guidelines for pull to refresh, infinite scroll, and onboarding. These articles have been shared across the company and influenced many mobile app experiences. 


I created and led the mobile design patterns working group. The goal of the working group is to create designs that leverage mobile technology. I realized a need for collaboration among designers throughout the company in order to achieve a cohesive mobile app experience. The group includes: UX designers, design technologists, and user researchers from teams across the company. I developed the method in which the group would work together to create patterns. I successfully plan and lead the meetings each week. The group has quickly tripled in size from 10 designers to 30. To date, the working group has designed over 12 patterns, three of which I designed. The group will ship four patterns to customers in Q2 2017.   

In addition, I worked with the Patterns development team to create a website to inspire communication and collaboration between individuals and teams at Amazon. This platform can also be used to share patterns created in the working group. 


In support of the mobile patterns working group, I led a one day patterns hackathon. The challenge was to design a mobile pattern that leveraged location technology. In one day, 30 designers created over 6 working prototypes.  





March 2016 - Present 


Author or HIG articles, working group leader, hackathon leader