Feature improvement for the global Amazon customer

The purpose of this feature is to allow customers to update their country and language settings. This feature enables all customers to shop in their preferred country and language. I owned the mobile and tablet design for this experience. I updated the design for country selection and added the ability to change app languages. The designs successfully launched in November 2016. 


Customer Champion

Advocated for the perspective of the mobile and tablet customer. Determined the appropriate hierarchy and amount of information for the experience based on my deep knowledge of the customer.


Identified key stakeholders for each feature and worked closely with them to drive alignment, as this project spanned across many pages within the app,


Conducted my own usability test because research resources were unavailable.



I analyzed the current structure of the interface. I gathered usage and engagement data from the current experience. I collected many successful and unsuccessful examples of this experience from other apps to perform a competitive analysis. 


I created storyboards of scenarios and sketched different interaction patterns for changing the country and language. The challenge was to determine how customers who did not speak the current app language could change their settings. I accommodated this use case by ensuring the flag was present at all levels of the experience. This was important because the flag is a universal symbol of locale settings. 


As this project spanned across many pages within the app, I identified key stakeholders for each feature and worked closely with them. Specifically the Amazon homepage and navigation teams. I facilitated alignment by presenting designs and applying feedback given by stakeholders.

I collaborated with the Amazon homepage team to design a homepage card. The card would appear if their device language was recently added to the Amazon app. The card informs the customer that their language of choice had been automatically switched to their device language. It also gives customers the option to return to their previous language.


 I conducted my own usability test because research resources were unavailable. I apprenticed with research to develop a protocol and mechanism to analyze results. I conducted six usability sessions.  After the sessions, I analyzed the data and identified necessary modifications to the design. The changes included simplifying the steps to change a marketplace. The designs below reflect one of the updates that were made to the design. 


I maintained a clear line of communication with the development team. I held multiple working sessions to address technical feasibility and potential obstacles. My design presentation to the technical team and detailed design documentation resulted in a seamless implementation.


Since the launch in November, customer feedback has been positive. Customers are excited that the mobile app supports multiple languages, and are satisfied with the ease and clarity of the experience. 

Based on the data, we found that our European customers were frequently switching between multiple countries. In order to meet the needs of these customers and improve their experience, I added the Previously Visited functionality. This function allows customers to easily switch to their previous locale settings in one simple step. 



Launched on Amazon's mobile and tablet app on November 2016  (iOS and Android)


UI design, usability research and collaboration with development